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If you haven’t yet heard of the O-shot, you will. It’s the next “quick fix solution” to women’s sexual dysfunctions. The O-shot is an injection into your vaginal and clitoral tissue which claims to heal incontinence and provide you with better orgasms. At first glance, it’s rather cutting edge that an MD would discover, create, […]

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Happy 2015 Beautiful!!! How have the first few weeks of the New Year been for you? Are you choosing more pleasure and delight and vitality for this year? I hope so! In fact, I’m trusting you wake up each morning and consciously choose to infuse pleasure into your day. For the first Delicious Tip of […]

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Many moons ago, when I first caught sight of Taoist sexual practice books, there was one very compelling argument that intrigued me more than the idea of having unlimited orgasms: Eternal Youth. I remember the feeling in my body as I read the words that said I had the power to stop my body from […]

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You notice a chain reaction in the room as a woman walks by—she isn’t the most beautiful or best dressed woman in the room, but something about her is spell-binding. Inside your body you sense a warmth washing through you, as though you are made of warm, honey-nectar… irresistible. Within you is a dance, the […]

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Delicious Tip: Experience the world in Technicolor

Do you over-use your left brain? Did you know that when you force yourself to be in your left brain all of the time, you are upsetting your delicate hormonal system? In fact, it’s been found by brain researchers that we are transforming our Feminine brain into a Masculine one! We become more like men […]

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Transforming Loathing & Envy

Hello Gorgeous! ​​ Did you know that your perception of others, your judgments of others, is actually a reflection of how you see yourself? ​​​This months delicious tip explores how to transform our self-loathing and envy of others into more self-delight and self-love. ​I know this can be a sensitive subject, yet there is nothing […]

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Dangerous articles

Every once in a while, the Media releases yet another ‘study’ that ‘proves’ that women do not have G-spots, causing this information to spread like wild-fire and creating a ripple-effect that has negative impact on a woman’s psycho-sexual well-being. The article released by Mail Online titled “The Vaginal Orgasm Doesn’t Exist – It’s The Clitoris […]

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wild woman

I recently had the pleasure of joining a world renowned animal communicator on what’s considered by most African wilderness guides and game wardens an experience far too dangerous to be considered a sane option. Myself, a small crew of 6 other people, along with 2 wilderness guides and Anna the animal communicator, gathered at the […]

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Hello Pleasurista! Did you know that sitting is actually ruining your pleasure potential? In this month’s delicious tip, we explore the determential impact of being part of a ‘sitting culture’ and how we can transform our pelvis with a ridiculously simple breathing technique. I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t yet reached my limit […]

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Did you know that sitting is one of the worse culprits to damaging your pleasure and pelvic health? YIKES! The good news is that there are some fun, easy ways that you can counter the effects of long-term inactivity. In this month’s Delicious Tip Video, I’ll explore how we’re virtually sitting on an unlimited resource […]

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